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Hello, my name is Sophie Strongman, the original Old Soul of The Old Soul Flower Company. 


I believe in creating a reflection of the natural world in my arrangements, by being passionate about flowers and their influence over emotions.

Flowers bring people together.


They can be a colorful bridge between two beings, or a bright surprise for a gloomy day.


No matter their intention, the key to a beautiful flower arrangement is to channel the underlying intention and express them through the emotional energy of flowers.

I have a deep passion for flowers—not to mention all things natural and living- and it came from the most important woman in the world to me, my mother, who got it from her late mother. Plant life is in my blood. I only hear stories about my grandma’s flower garden, it sounds like a dream to me, rich and light-hearted with perennials, annuals she started from seeds, and bulbs from tulips, dahlias, gladiolas, daffodils and peonies. 

During my childhood, mom taught me the ways of gardening and how to raise my own plants... to this day I still go back and use the flowers and greens from my parents' backyard for arrangements. I don’t remember the first time my mom left flowers in my room for the last or first day of school, or my birthday, or when I got back from a long trip, but she has consistently surprised me with a bouquet for years. I believe everyone deserves that spontaneity... happiness is served best as a surprise.

Different flowers make me feel different things, and I’ve got a gift for creating floral arrangements that express specific feelings. For this reason, I prefer to get to know my clients as much as possible, so the resulting bouquet feels as personal as possible, and the mood of the flowers matches the occasion. As an Old Soul, I apply more than just technique and expertise. My goal is to infuse clarity, positive energy, and passion for the heartening influence of flowers in every bouquet I design.

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Sympathy Flowers
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