Land Acknowledgment

The Old Soul Flower Co. recognizes it is operating on occupied Duwamish land, and that the Duwamish people have still not received rightful recognition for their stewardship of the land. To right the wrongs of the past, we must come together to empower Indigenous peoples, so that we can advocate for all beings in our environment.

Indigenous humans traditionally view land as something to be in kinship with, taking care of beings both small and large. For thousands of years they cherished plants, flowers, animals, and people alike, because we are all connected. To show gratitude to a plant as a living, breathing being, is a sacred part of Indigenous life. 

The Old Soul Flower Co. pays monthly Real Rent to the Duwamish Tribe, as the treaties from almost 200 years ago have been violated time and time again. While the Duwamish Tribe awaits federal recognition (and for after they're recognized), we strongly encourage anyone living in Seattle to pay Real Rent as part of reparations for the hundreds of years Indigenous peoples have suffered at the hands of white settler colonialism. 

The time is now to return funds, power, and voice to Indigenous peoples around the world, starting with our own community. Thank you, Seattle.