So you want to feel accomplished...

Updated: Aug 8

I am a busy body. But I am also prone to laziness and procrastination, maybe you can relate. The only time either of these things becomes a problem is when I lose control, and I'm completing meaningless tasks, putting the more important things on the back burner, or straight up not doing anything and sitting on the couch all day. Or worse, being out and about spending money on things I don't need.

After being diagnosed with Bipolar disorder when i was 17, I was mostly in denial of what power my disorder could have over me if I wasn't mindful enough. If I stayed on auto-pilot I'd maintain toxic patterns. Somehow, even during my most depressive or manic states, I'm able to honor Father Time.

I heard of a solution from my Uncle Nolan several years ago, that I've followed intermittently since hearing it, sometimes consistently for weeks at a time, and at other times using the solution as a jumpstart from a sedentary relapse.

Complete three tasks a day, from start to finish, in order to feel a sense of accomplishment and keep your ball rolling, whatever it may be.

The three things can be an 8-hour shift, a load of laundry, and 30 minutes of yoga. Today, I've bought tampons, scheduled a new psychiatrist appointment, and now I'm sitting in my friends' coffee shop writing this here blog post.

Of course, I have several more items on my to-do list and the day is on its second half. But I still have enough juice to upload photos to my website and make a shopping list for the wholesaler tomorrow (I'm making a flower crown for a mama-to-be!).

I have confidence that what I don't get done today will get done tomorrow, each "task" being a propeller to the next, helping me grow my soulwork, my health, and my dreams through one accomplishment at a time, big and small. It's about time I give myself credit for the things I've pushed myself to do or complete, I deserve it.

I do, however, owe a lot to my small green notebook that keeps track of my thoughts for me. Thank you, little green notebook.

One thing leads to the next-and it's all kept on track