The Heart of Flower Delivery

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Growing up with a gardener for a mother has benefitted me in so many ways. Especially since her mama was a flower lover herself. I guess you could say it's in my blood to be obsessed with flowers.

Mama Liz has always been the queen of flower delivery in my eyes. I can't think of one friend of hers who hasn't received a bouquet of flowers from her garden, some have gotten them more than twice or even on multiple occasions. Mama knows the impact of local garden flowers, and uses the same greens-first technique.

My favorite part of growing up with a flower lover like my mom, was coming home from school or a long vacation to flowers on my bedside table or dresser , sometimes with a little love note. Maybe this had a little something to do with why I began my flower delivery service!

Every flower delivery comes from a collective of souls, working together to bring a comforting and joyful surprise to the recipients doorstep. It begins with the local flower farmer, whose acreage of flowers is a pollinators paradise. I source from local flower farmers (as opposed to imported) because I know the farmers are committed to sustainable practices, and have the same belief: flowers feed the soul. (Plus, less travel time=less carbon emissions)

The essence of flower delivery is driven by the senders love and intentions, and is almost always a surprise. For something so divine as a collection of soulful blooms to show up to their doorstep, it must mean there is something just as divine and deserving within that recipient.

The heart of flower delivery lies within the heart of everything that brought it together; the flower farmer, the card maker , the cardette maker, the florist, the sender, and even the recipient. It all adds up to the joyous surprise of receiving a bouquet, from reading a brief, heart-felt note, to enjoying blooms that last 5+ days. I pour my heart and soul into floral arranging, because I have personally felt the joys of both giving and receiving flowers. Let's keep passin' it on!