Committed to sourcing local blossoms, quality second-hand vases, and never using floral foam.

The Old Soul Flower Co. is deeply rooted in the environmental movement, and sources our flowers from a co-op created for flower farmers in Washington, Oregon, Northern California, and Hawaii.  We believe there is more soul and power in a flower that has traveled less distance. The flower farmers all use sustainable farming practices, and it shows in the quality of the flower. 

As a small business, we are able to source second-hand vases for flower arrangements, and always offer to pick up old vases for credit towards your next purchase. This cuts down on waste and also directs support to smaller, second-hand stores. If we are unable to get quality second-hand items, we opt for something made in the USA. 

We do not use floral foam, as it is a single-use plastic that only breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces. Floral foam is composed of toxic substances, that when washed down the drain can wreak havoc on the environment. We simply do not use it.